Wake Me Up When It’s All Over: An Impossible Heir Poll

Alright, comments have been replied to and real world has been confronted (crying over my lack of money counts, right?) so I guess it’s time to post this thing. I’m genuinely terrified, not because there’s anyone I would particularly hate to play but because I’ve never gone into one of these so uncertain of the result. No matter who wins, I’ll be ecstatic that I get to tell their story but also heartbroken that I don’t get to tell the other two. But Gryffindork, you like all three of them so there’s no way you can los— NO GUYS, THIS IS A SERIOUS CRISIS AND I LIKE BEING DRAMATIC.

On that note, for the first time EVAR in Langurd History (woooo fanfare) I’ve decided to picture the heir candidates with their intended spouses, traits and all. Note that LTW’s are irrelevant for now; only Dusty and Delilah have them locked in, and I’ll likely end up changing theirs if they have the points.

Without further ado, here are your choices:


What we’ll see from them:
I picture Kip running a hipster food blog and Jada being an online fitness guru. Visionary? Culinary Librarian? I suspect these two care less about what they do than how good they look doing it. A home stylist business is also a possibility—as is our first monogamous heiress, because let’s face it, these two promise a ton of variety.


What we’ll see from them:
This couple screams university to me. After that, maybe some fun new careers—Delilah wants to be a stylist right now, and I can see Trance as an actor or a cop. Their kids will look weird af and I’m okay with that. Oh, and get ready for a lot more Majestic Swan Trance if I have anything to do with it (which—barring any blog hijackings—I will).


What we’ll see from them:
Star-crossed lovers getting to the bottom of the Quinnspiracy. I have half a mind to throw Dusty in Criminal just to make him more conflicted (elsewise keep him in military because that seems to fit). Siesta will probs do a future-related LTW and have the obligatory daddy issues storyline. Plumbots? Puppies? This pair is a bit of a wildcard tbh.

Traits deciphered:

Kip: Slob, Hates the Outdoors, Adventurous, Photographer’s Eye / Jada: Insane, Athletic, Light Sleeper, Mean-Spirited

Trance: Absent-Minded, Light Sleeper, Daredevil, Schmoozer / Delilah: Disciplined, Clumsy, Never Nude, Friendly

Siesta: Party Animal, Loves the Heat, Bot Fan, Animal Lover / Dusty: Loner, Clumsy, Frugal, Easily Impressed, Kleptomaniac


Poll will be open for 7 days from today unless I decide to extend it!

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  1. This. Freaking. Poll. All right. I didn’t wanna have to do this but you leave me NO CHOICE.

    *coin flip coin flip coin clip coin flip coin flip*

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  2. Even if we choose a heir, keeping the others around is an option. You’ve been doing it for a while and it’s awesome so no complaints. Glad we get to see more of the two that wont be heir either way.
    Nice presentation pictures btw.


    • Indeed, I doubt I can bring myself to ditch the spares for a loooooong time this generation. Can I just take them all to uni? CAN THEY JUST ALL BE HEIR?

      Thank you! ^ Only took three hours…

      I can see I’ve made this a very traumatic week for us all. I promise to lead a group meditation at the end or something. 😛

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  3. I may be reading too much into your picture taking, but it’s never led me wrong so far! Kip and Jada facing one another = monogamous, while Delilah facing Trance, and Trance facing camera = she loves him, but he loves himself more. As for Diesta (because that is totally their ship name), those two couldn’t be less interested in one another, but Siesta just wants to see Dusty’s point ears on her children.

    …yeah, I still don’t know who to vote for. On the one hand, I love Jada’s look, and the Langurds could use a semi-normal heir, for once. On the other hand, pointy ears and robots! And on the third hand (coz I have three now), Majestic Swan Trance ftw!


    • You would not be entirely wrong with those predictions. 😉 Diesta is perfect, and what… Kada? Trelilah? I would say “Dance” for those two, but that reminds me too much of good ol’ Dunce.

      All valid points! I hope you managed to settle this inner turmoil in the end.

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  4. this is such a hard decision!!


  5. As hard as it was, I voted for Trance. I really wanted to vote for Siesta but I had a feeling that Trance would be the underdog here and voted for him instead. Either way it goes, as stated above, I’m sure that the losers of the race will stick around for awhile so we can keep tabs on them. (:


  6. I adore Trance and Siesta…but Kip & Jada are just so photogenic. XD

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  7. Finally voted. Ended up rolling a d4, rerolling 4s. I rolled three 4s before getting a 1. The dice have spoken.


  8. I can’t vote in a 3-year-old poll. SOB.

    I also don’t know the results, so I better go click the next post.

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