An Honest Review of 2018 a.k.a. How My Life Got Flipped Turned Upside-Down

What a year, am I right? Not a very successful one Langurd-wise – though after a measly 8 posts, I’m sure you all gained some brain cells back so you’re welcome – but IRL it’s been a whole spin-cycle shitstorm of good and bad. In some attempt to justify my absences both past and future, I’m going to hit you with both of these as concisely as I can manage. Disclaimer: If you’re a good-news-first person, skip to #2. If you’re only in it for the sims and don’t take none of Gryff’s shit (respect, man) skip to #3.

1. The Bad News

As I mentioned in the half-assed birthday post, my sweet evil feline Dewey was diagnosed with Feluk this summer. He was actually doing really well when I wrote that post, and continued to live his best life with no signs of illness for months afterward – only hatred in his eyes as I tossed pills down his throat 2-4 times a day. He pretty much returned to his old self and I pretty much became a slave to his every whim, giving up all my chairs, refusing to discipline the little shit, and letting him drag me around the yard on his harness so I could stand there getting fried by the sun while he ate dirt behind the garage. We were besties since 2015, but I feel like I gained a whole new appreciation for this cat in the months he was sick.


Unfortunately, our little bubble burst in mid-October when – just as suddenly as they had started – Dewey’s meds stopped working. The same day, the vet had been talking about taking him off the pills altogether because he was doing so well. In fact, she thought it was an error in the reading and told us not to worry. Ain’t that just the way. Less than a week later, I sprinted out of work halfway through my shift so I could spend his last five hours with him on the bathroom floor.

Dewey was cremated with his favourite blanket and jar lid, and left several Deweys’ worth of fur in my wardrobe. I know it hurts to lose a pet of any age, but I can’t help thinking how incredibly unfair it is that he only got three and a half years of being a cat and doing cat things. I always pictured him being with me when I was thirty and flirty and thriving still not done this legacy. We’ve been each other’s constants for all that time and it would be an insult to think of him as just a chapter in my life. Anyway, there’s no real coming back from losing your best friend but I am doing considerably better now than I was a few months ago. His paw is inked on my shoulder, and his urn wears a pink bowtie and gets catnip offerings from time to time.


Side note: Dewey can rest knowing he completed the important mission of converting my parents. They adopted their first cat a few weeks ago. Little Pushkin is Dewey’s doppelganger in every way except that he’s a total cuddlepie and has only bitten me once.


2. The Good News

SO… amidst all of this, I’ve been working toward a little career goal of mine. Said goal was tossed around in uni, sidelined in favour of coaching quidditch, and reignited last year during my international gallivanting. After hours of paperwork, a scary Skype interview, and a lot of twiddling my thumbs, I can finally say (with only some fear of jinxing myself): I’m going to become a professional baton twirler!

I am so very sorry. This blog doesn’t lend itself to serious news.

The truth is: I’m moving to South Korea as an ESL teacher!


And if one more person responds with “that’s the good Korea, right?” I will facepalm hard enough to forget English entirely, and just think what a pickle I’d be in then.

Realtalk though. Dewey’s diagnosis happened in the middle of the application process. At first, I was fully prepared to put it off another six months and stay with him through his illness. A lot of people shook their heads at me. Then he got better and convinced me to go for it and see what happened. Little know-it-all saw me through passing my interview but just barely missed my final placement in Seoul. SEOUL, GUYS! A lot of first-time applicants don’t get placed in the capital, so I’m more than a little giddy.


I fly out in a month and a half. It’s terrifying, but I desperately need it. 2018 has closed the book on so many parts of my life – I gave up quidditch in April, lost Dewey in October, and shut down my Etsy store just a few days ago. All my friends have scattered in their own directions (I have one in law school, one in med school, one in the freaking Navy…) so there’s almost nothing tying me down. I was far from convinced when I started this process, but somehow everything has culminated in this being the most perfect thing I can imagine myself doing at this point in my life. That statement has jinx written allllll over it and you should know by now that I am far too skeptical to expect an easy transition. If any of you are into travel blogs, I’m sure I’ll need some outlet for my adventures, awkward encounters, 20,000 pictures of food and every stray cat I meet. You can be sure I’ll plug it here when the time comes.

3. The Elephant in the Room


Er, yes. As you may have used your excellent detective skills to conclude, my taking a year-long contract on the other side of the world spells an uncertain fate for the Langurds. I’m not in a position to take my desktop with me, and have sworn to NEVER AGAIN attempt TS3 on a laptop. One silver lining is that I could EASILY take a year to get through the screenshot backlog I have now – the trouble is if I end up staying longer (*fends off jinxes with a rolled-up newspaper*) and run out of material to caption. I am also fairly confident that I could play through another generation before I leave, but that would mean skipping the Gen. 8 heir poll and just running with whomever I think you guys will like. I also have a pipe dream of maybe getting my desktop shipped over to me in a crisis, which is probably super unrealistic. THOUGHTS? What would you do if you were me?

Unacceptable answers:
– Finish the legacy in 2015 like you should have
– Be better at things
– Stop being you and be someone cooler instead

It’s okay, you don’t have to solve my problems for me. Just keeping you guys up to date on the latest hole I have dug myself into.

In case I’m the worst and fail to improve my 2018 post count: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and of course – Happy Simming!



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  1. The job/move new is so exciting and amazing! Congrats! Seoul sounds like a blast. I wish I had the guts to move to a new country all by myself.
    As for the blog, I’d vote for getting through the screenshots in your year, and figuring out the next step if/when you do so amazing that your contract is extended.

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    • Whoa, super trippy coming back to this post and these comments specifically. Two and a half years in, I definitely recommend it if you ever get the opportunity! And I think your advice ended up applying pretty well. Although “figuring out the next step” hasn’t had to happen yet, even after two renewals. Lol.


  2. I’m so sorry about Dewey. Losing a pet is terrible, but thinking things are getting better just for them to turn around and rip your heart out is even worse. Looks to me that he lived a great life and was very loved.
    That’s amazing! Congratulations!! Of course real life comes first but you always do come back 😉 I do feel like even if you could bring your pc you wouldn’t be using it that often. Being in a new city is weird enough, a new county is even crazier. Most likely you won’t get through the screenshots you’ve built up, and I wouldn’t mind you skipping the heir poll to get through another generation.
    Again, congrats! And Merry Christmas, happy new year to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Waaaay late to this, but thank you. ❤

      And you were veeeeeeeery right about the PC thing! Throughout the last couple of years, I actually keep thinking back to this comment and thinking how accurate it was because I really have NO time to even think about the stuff I left at home. XD I can only imagine how dumb I would've felt if I had tried to ship my PC over in the early days. I even have a Switch now and I barely use it. Of course I miss gaming after so long away, but I can get back to that after I'm done with this crazy adventure. 😀

      So thanks for the great advice! However long ago it was. 😛


  3. </3 Dewey.
    As for the good news hey, you're getting somewhere in life! I'm with Samali on how to manage your blog, but real life over simming, as always!

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  4. Congrats on the upcoming job! Two of my brothers live in the greater Seoul area and teach/tutor English. My folks and I visited them in Seoul in 2011. (Yes, they have been living and working in SK for about a decade now.) As adoptees they have a different type of visa that’s not tied to a specific job and have been able to change where they teach.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I forgot to mention that I’m so sorry for the loss of your kitty.

      And, like the others, feel free to use up your screenshots over the next year or so.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Maaaaaajorly belated thank you! And whoa, that’s really really cool! I’ve been here two and a half years now, and while I love it to bits, I’m also very impressed by the people who can make a long-haul career out of it. Also so cool that you were able to visit – Seoul is such an awesome city!


  5. Aww. I miss all the important stuff.

    Your decision is long since made. I would have said, “Nix the heir poll and play another generation before leaving.” At the speed we run, that’ll be all you need. And failing that, I imagine you might visit family in the states at SOME point and could wail through another gen. It’s amazing how fast one can play when one isn’t stopping to plan blog posts and crap. Heir polls are fun but totally NOT worth waiting for if the timing doesn’t work. Whoever you thought would be most fun as an heir would be good enough for me.

    I just came back into the Simsblog world to get the lay of the landscape for a push to finish my legacy. Discovered that an auto-update of WordPress had taken down the site at some point in the YEAR I had been ignoring it (I’m actually surprised it wasn’t longer), so anyone who was tracking me probably thinks I died.

    I hope Seoul (which I spelled 5 times until the red squiggly went away because I was too proud to look up in your post for reference) is awesome. I imagine it’s still incredibly exhausting to settle in. This legacy and blog hardly should be on the high priority list of your life, but I’ll miss you if it goes away. Definitely post a travel-blog blurb if you start one.

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    • I was just going through my sims stories bookmarks and was wondering if you were still around. I’m glad to see you back.

      Liked by 2 people

    • That’s okay! I had sort of the same thing in mind – and I actually did visit home once, but it was so early (six months into my first contract for my little brother’s wedding) and so brief that I didn’t really have time to do much. I confess, I *did* play a little bit beyond where an heir poll should have been, going ahead with my favourite at the time. But I also made a copy of the save right before that, just in case everyone ended up hating that candidate. I probably would’ve visited at least once more in the last few years if not for COVID, but what can you do. Now I have a ton of options when I go back for good, and I’m super curious to see who you guys actually choose for heir!

      I think I’ve failed to say in responding to your comments up to this point, but I’m super excited that you’re back! And that you got your site sorted out. It’s nice to have a familiar face around who’s also taken eons to get through a legacy. XD One day we will both get to that finish line. One day.

      Seoul IS awesome! I can’t even begin to describe. It’s crazy to keep coming back to this blog in spite of how wildly different my life is now. And lol, the fact that I thought I would have time for travel blogging. Maybe I’ll chronicle everything once I move home. 😛

      Anyway, thanks for offering your two cents even though the crisis had passed! I appreciate it. 😀


  6. Losing a friend is never easy, but it does soften over time. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you’ll climb mountains.

    Go! Live your dreams! :3

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  7. OK, here’s where I meet your life again. I thought I’d missed 1-2 posts or something. MORE THE FOOL I. Wow.

    I have observed that you have recent posts, so on I go…

    Liked by 1 person

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