Super Special #2: Vendetta

Welcome back! I’m fresh off of Part 1 and trying hard not to lose steam. Got my coffee brewed, my knuckles cracked, and my Breath of the Wild piano playlist on shuffle.

Yeah, if you’re ever curious why this blog goes from goofy to dramatic in a heartbeat, you should take a look at my Spotify library. XD

Previously, the Subversive Seven (a working title) were exiled from Dragon Valley by their mother for being too good at life.

Now here they are at the Finger Painting College (maybe?), where so far they’ve bowled, attended questionable classes, and made zero friends.


But it’s time to fix that! Kiko and Kau are off to their very first college party at the Urele-Oresha-Cham Fraternity.

Like any good frat party, people have already started taking off their clothes.

Ludo: Jeff sure knows how to throw a party.


That’s right—this is Dr. Jeff’s frat, before he was Dr. Jeff and before he married Lev. It doesn’t matter what universe we’re in; everybody loves the guy.

Ludo: I’d die for Jeff.

Millie: Not if I do first.

Werewolf Girl: Bitch please. I will die before all of you.


Kiko: What’s all this fuss about?

Kiko’s kind of a babe in her candy shoppe-inspired formal getup. Urele-Oresha-Cham had better watch out.


The man of the hour is too cool for his own party, it seems. I’d probably escape too if I had this many people on my back.

Miles: Thanks for inviting me, Jeff.

Jeff: You live here, Miles.

Ludo: What should I eat, Jeff?

Jeff: A grilled cheese. A burger. I don’t care.

Werewolf Girl:  How much can I pay you to date me, Jeff?

Kau: Hmm, maybe I should start a frat.

Oh god please no.


The pickings indoors are slim, like this twig of a man.

Cullen: Hey, I’m Cullen.

Kiko: Your ass is just nonexistent, huh?

Cullen: Excuse me?

Hard to believe he’s related to Martina Bassett from the bowling alley.


Kau makes his way to the basement, where he finds Shasha Parks and a glorious plantsim named Shea Hollis. If Kau weren’t straight, this would’ve been a match made in heaven.

Kau: Pssst, I’m starting a pirate frat. Hook-Scurvy-Booty. You want in?


Shea: I don’t know. Did you just put together the first three pirate-related words you could think of?

Kau. Yes. Pretty please?

Shasha: Sounds like a sweet offer to me.

Shea: Okay, yeah, fine. I’ll join.

Kau: YES!!


Kau: I’m so happy I could just—


Shea: Gross, man! Frat bros aren’t supposed to kiss each other!

Kau: Relax! I’m not into dudes. I just really love nature.


Shea: That’s even worse! Screw you and your pirate frat. I’m out.

Kau: Aww, don’t be like that…

For context, this was a “Kiss a Random Sim” dare from Kiko. XD


Who has finally laid eyes on the master of the house, and is far from being under his spell.

Kiko: Seriously? This guy? I don’t get it.

Jeff: Yeah, so after I finish med school I plan join the Peace Corps and donate my kidneys to underprivileged children.

Whitney: Marry me.

Ludo: I took your suggestion and made a grilled cheese. You’re so smart, man!


Sick of this party being The Jeff Show, Kiko and the other nerds liven things up a bit.

Kiko: Hey now, these are not my people.


Or rather… a LOT.

Shasha: Oooooh fun, are we starting a cult?

Ludo: Dammit, I’m still hungry. Jeff, help!

(Also a dare, for the record.)


Kiko: Hey frat boy, where’s your god now?

Jeff: Don’t go casting your spells on me, Devil Woman!


Kiko: I wasn’t planning on it, but what a fabulous idea.


Kiko: *chanting in Latin*


Rain: No fire for you.

Kiko: Dammit, so close… Errr, was that guy standing there the whole time?

Harry: Yep. Can you teach me magic?

Kiko: No.


Kau hasn’t let the events of the evening stop him from having a good time spending three more hours in the basement with the man he just assaulted.

Shasha: Hey, you should join our cult! You know, since the pirate thing didn’t work out. We accept people of every colour!

Shea: Just stop.


Kiko: Come on, we’re leaving.

Kau: Aww, but I was just getting started with my recruitment!

Kiko: Yeah, I heard you kissed a tree. I’m leaving you at home next time.


Kiko: Just one more thing…

Kau: Oooooh, are you gonna steal it?


Kiko: Worse! I’m going to knock it down so that someone has to come out here and pick it up!

Kau: And I’m the childish one?


That’s enough from our party animals. How about our little wet blankets?

Kougra: I prefer “lone wolf.”

Acara: I prefer not being ridiculed for my priorities.

Side note, it took me forever to realize how similar these two look. The colouring definitely makes a big difference, but they’re both mostly Aine Mithrilen with the Langurd Jaw.


Kyrii is an outlier in more ways than one. Why are you sitting all the way over here?

Kyrii: I don’t feel like playing footsies with Kougra. She’s never washed those socks.

Kougra: True story.


Acara is well and truly thriving at university. Aside from the part where she’s using her laptop in the pouring rain in the middle of a pedestrian thoroughfare, risking both electrocution and trampling.

Acara: I need to make myself available to my fans.


Tammy: Why are you sitting here like a fool?

Yep, definitely doing good things for your rep.


Aww, look at these two overworked cuties. ❤

Probably just waiting for Acara to cook dinner.


What would we do without our domestic goddess?


The mark of a true miracle worker is the ability to get this family together over a home-cooked meal.


Someone’s always ruining it, though.

Kiko: Kougra’s socks, man.

Ixi: They are pretty bad.


Tonu, meanwhile, has found his safe place in the dormitory gym—and his muse in Aaron Matthews, who is perpetually smustling in there.

Aaron: Did you get my good side?

Tonu: *drawing an ice cream sundae*


Kau: ‘Sup dudes? I hear this is where da boiz hang out.

Aaron: Welp, the vibe was nice while it lasted.

Tonu: Hand me the hammer.



Tonu: No, I haven’t cleaned my room yet!

Stop stressing him out, man.


All that “party party yeah” makes Kau a tired boy. It’ll be a wonder if he learns anything here.

Professor: Welcome to sports class. I am Professor Sports. Now, can anyone tell me how to get up on this podium?

Especially since all the professors are duds.


And all the students are snitches.

Abigal: Professor, why does the ginger get to sleep in class?

Kau: Aww come on.


Not to mention bigots.

Abigal: Professor, can you get rid of the vampire girl?

Mugsy: Yeah. Mugsy doesn’t feel safe.


Mika: Professor, can you do something about this blatant discrimination?

But of course, the professor isn’t going to do anything about anything while he’s still trying to reach the mic. Hey, Kau—now’s your chance! Step in and defend the pretty vampire.

Kau: Huh what?


Kau: Nooo! Come back!


Mika: Call me, Pirate Boy.

Yesssssss. This pairing has me way too excited. Their kids would be vampirates! There has to be a YA novel with that name…


Uh, yep. In fact I’m pretty sure I owned (but never read) this.


Med student Kiko spends the day practising her bedside manner.

Kiko: Sir, I’m happy to accept your blood donation, but I think you should put some meat on your bones first.


Businesslady Acara is already leaps and bounds ahead of her classmates.

Professor: Welcome to stocks class. My name is Professor Stocks. As it turns out, I don’t know anything. Miss Langurd—how would you like to teach this class?

Acara: Me? Now? Uh… sure, I guess.


And the Comms kids have their first indoor lecture.

Professor: Welcome to talking class. I am Professor Talk. Any questions?

Ixi: Yes. Why are you talking to the window?


Professor: What an excellent question. But first, has anyone seen my drugs?


Ixi: This school is rubbish. I think we may actually be at the Finger Painting College.

Kiko: Dammit… I thought Maryann made that up.

Ixi: How are we supposed to get a proper education now? This place is going to turn us into halfwits!


Kiko: I wouldn’t worry too much. Kau seems to be doing alright.

Kau: I’m gonna have vampirate babies!


Kiko: Okay… maybe we should worry.

Ixi: “Maybe”?


Rather than confronting those worries, Kiko opts to drink them away at the frat.

Kiko: Everything is fine.


These guys throw a party every night, I swear. It’s mostly the same people who attend. Note, however, that Kiko lived up to her threat and did not bring Kau this time.

Kiko: Who really wants to do a kegstand in front of their sibling?


Who really wants to do a kegstand when the spotter has murder in her eyes?

Millie: Don’t even think about going after Jeff, bitch.

Kiko: What?


Millie: Oh, dear me!

Kiko: Ow.


Millie: Wow I am such a klutz!

Kiko: It’s fine. I’m fine. Don’t sweat it.

As if. You’d be a fool to think there won’t be hell to pay for this.


Kiko: You! This is all your fault!

Miles: ♫ Today is gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you ♫

Kiko: You and your stupid frat bros and your stupid guitars! I hate you all! This is my villain origin story.

Miles: ♫ Right now, you probably somehow realized what you gotta do ♫


Kiko: I know exactly what I’ve gotta do! I’m gonna burn Urele-Oresha-Cham to the ground!

Miles: ♫ I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now ♫


Kiko: Can you just stop that for five seconds and at least look scared?

Miles: ♫ And all the roads we have to walk are winding ♫


Nope. This place runs on the mediocre twanging of novice guitar players.




Jeff: Now, who wants to hear me play “Mr. Brightside”?

Werewolf Girl: I do.

There’s no doubting that Werewolf Girl wants in his pants.


Kiko: You’re my wonderwall, Jeffery Dean!

Jeff: You? Aren’t you the one girl who’s immune to my charms?


Kiko: I tried. I really did. But I just can’t resist a man who wears sunglasses indoors at night.

Jeff: I knew it.


Werewolf Girl: But Jeff, I’d walk down the aisle to Sweet Caroline for you!

Jeff: Tempting…


Kiko: Don’t look at her. Look at me. In fact, don’t break eye contact or this spell could go terribly wrong for everyone.

Jeff: Spell?

Ten minutes later…


Miles: Get a room already!

What’s kind of alarming is how good they actually look together.


At least these two know when to quit.

Werewolf Girl: I can’t believe our precious Jeff picked that blue witch over us.

Millie: I’ll try harder to kill her next time.

Werewolf Girl: I like you.


Harold: So, are you like, Jeff’s girlfriend now? Are you gonna be hanging out with him all the time and staying at the frat house?


Kiko: Depends. Just how uncomfortable does a woman’s presence make you?


Kiko: Then yes.


Speaking of uncomfortable…


This is just painful to look at.


Ludo: I know what you two did!

Kiko: I’d be concerned about your upbringing if you didn’t, dude.


But Kiko isn’t the only one romancing it up tonight. Kyrii is once again late, late for a very important date! Apparently the only state in which she exists.


Except this time, it’s actually a date! With Paul Biden, who takes her to the absolute worst-lit corner of campus.

Paul: People go missing here all the time.

Kyrii: Well, this was fun. Bye.


Kau spends the night in the gym—in part to better his grades, but mostly, I suspect, to impress his vampire girl.

Kau: *out of breath* Oh, hey Mika… Not much, just did seven hundred push-ups… Nah, I’m not tired at all.


All these budding love stories have some of the clan feeling left out.

Tonu: I wish I were a bird!

Kiko: There’s a literally a pretty girl right behind you. Why don’t you ask for her number?


Sylvia: Please don’t drag me into this.

Don’t worry. I would never inflict Tonu on an ordinary citizen.


“Ordinary citizens” are more Acara’s speed.

Tammy: Girl, why are you always parked exactly where people need to walk?

Acara: It’s my quirk.

Tammy: Get a new one.


I have to agree. Get yourself a harmless quirk like Roomie Aaron and his gym smustling!

Aaron: Hey man I’m just staying out of the way!

And I love it!


Omg…….. Kougra!!

Kougra: I know.

You’re doing things?!

Kougra: You don’t have to sound so shocked.

Learning a life skill?!?

Kougra: It’s not that weird.

Oh, I beg to differ.


Perhaps this university experience will be a beneficial one after all.

Acara: So I was thinking. Since this school is a dud, we should start a secret study club outside of class hours. What do you think?


Kiko: That sounds like a nerdy— I mean, great idea. You go ahead and set that up.

Acara: Really? Okay!


While Acara does that, Ixi has an encounter in the ladies’ bathroom with her polar opposite personality.

Aaron: Oh hey roomie, are you playing hooky too? Up top!

Ixi: “Hooky”? I don’t…


Ixi: Well alright, I suppose I am!

Aaron: Sweet! You’re cool, Ixi!


Ixi: “Hooky” is a great game, but I’m also known to dabble in some Grand Theft Automobile. My sister calls it “not being a productive member of society.”

Aaron: Oh, I mean… good for you!


Ixi: I also know how to do this!

Aaron: Sweet!

Of course I’m over here envisioning their adorable future when suddenly…


Ixi: I’m sorry, I can’t keep this up. Did you even GO to boarding school?

Aaron: Wait, what?


Ixi: Have you ever even balanced a book on your head?

Aaron: Why are you looking at my crotch?


Ixi: How dare you accuse me of such things! I am a well-mannered lady!

Aaron: Okay, I’m sorry!


Ixi: You, on the other hand…

Aaron: You’re doing it again!


She extracts herself from that situation and lands herself in an equally weird one downstairs.

Kougra: What were you doing up there?

Ixi: Oh, just powdering my nose. What’s all this?

Kougra: We’ve been waiting for you. Acara has a dumb idea.

Acara: Thanks, Kougra.


Thus begins the Langurd Study Club! Words I never thought I’d write in my life. But wait—aren’t we missing one?


There we go. I fully confess to using MoveObjects to indulge my perfectionism.

However, there were no cheats involved in getting them all studying for their exams at once. Only skill.


Okay, but these two would actually be a really cute couple if Ixi could stop being such a snob.

Ixi: I’m sorry about earlier. I don’t know what came over me.

Aaron: Don’t worry about it. Hey, you wanna hang out sometime?

Ixi: I suppose that could be arranged.


Tonu: How many butter knives did you steal?

Kyrii: If what you mean to ask is “are we the forever singles of the family?” then yes, I think we are.


I wouldn’t be so sure this couple is about to ride off into the sunset…

Aaron: Score, free food! What are we having, dudes?

Ixi: The man can’t even show up on time for dinner… How very bourgeoisie.


As for Kiko and Jeff, well… that remains to be seen. The Chams (for concision’s sake) are having another party tonight, and Kiko makes an appearance. But first, she pregames in the living room.

Kiko: Why does keg beer taste like piss?

Already a seasoned traveler in these woods.


Kiko: Knock knock, motherfuckers!

Jeff: *ignoring her* I’m less of a snowflake and more of a hailstone, you know? They’re special too, but much more manly.

Tiffany: Wow, that is so poetic.


Kiko: More like pathetic.

Jeff: *continues to ignore*

Kiko: Hey dude, nice lipstick! Where’d you get it?

Huh, strange how that showed up after his steamy night with Kiko…


One Cham is notably absent from the festivities as he tends to his ever-growling stomach. I think I see now why he needs so much culinary guidance from Jeff.


Ludo: ♫ Cookin’ like a chef, I’m a five star Michelin ♫


Kiko: You’re my Wonderwall, Ludo Vico.


Ohhhhh shiiiiiitttttt.


Yeah so I should confess that Ludo actually rejected her before this, but I skipped over it for the sake of flow. XD For the most part, these frat boys are stupidly easy to seduce.

Errr, not that she’s going for all of them… or anything……..

Well, on to the next one!

Happy Simming!



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  1. Dang, five chapters in about two weeks? You are on fire!

    “That’s right—this is Dr. Jeff’s frat, before he was Dr. Jeff and before he married Lev. It doesn’t matter what universe we’re in; everybody loves the guy.

    Ludo: I’d die for Jeff.

    Millie: Not if I do first.

    Werewolf Girl: Bitch please. I will die before all of you.”
    LOL. I think the reason people like to swarm Jeff is because of his Irresistible trait, which makes EVERYBODY try to talk to the sim, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Kiko starts getting swarmed too.

    “Tonu, meanwhile, has found his safe place in the dormitory gym—and his muse in Aaron Matthews, who is perpetually smustling in there.”
    It seems like every time a Langurd generation goes to university, there’s that one guy that likes dancing shirtless. This guy immediately made me think of Stephen Brackney, though maybe that’s because I’ve been doing a reread.

    I’m now sold on Kau and Abigal together purely for the vampirates pun. Now if only she were also a mermaid…

    “Ixi: How are we supposed to get a proper education now? This place is going to turn us into halfwits!”
    As if they needed Finger Painting College to do that.

    “What’s kind of alarming is how good they actually look together.”
    You know, I kinda figured this might happen, after two or three generations of Langurds wanting a piece of Dr. Jeff, but actually seeing it is just weird. I also forgot that Jeff isn’t a premade fairy.

    “Sylvia: Please don’t drag me into this.

    Don’t worry. I would never inflict Tonu on an ordinary citizen.”
    Yeah, I think the only person who could date Tonu would have to be as wacked as he is. There’s always that girl on campus with the ridiculous clown outfit. A (mis)match made in heaven?

    “Tammy: Girl, why are you always parked exactly where people need to walk?

    Acara: It’s my quirk.

    Tammy: Get a new one.”
    Good to see that Tammy is still terrible even across universes. I would defend Acara, but she honestly kind of deserves it for sitting in the middle of the sidewalk.

    Kougra learning an important life skill?? I didn’t think she had it in her. University does strange things to people.

    I think my comment is sufficiently novel-length, so I’ll call it there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know, it’s been so long since I played this game that I’ve forgotten how it works, but you’re right! It’s totally the Irresistible trait. And Kiko is indeed a people magnet too! Though no one can quite match Jeff there. XD

      Omg, Mervampirates! Can I do this? Given that Kau isn’t actually an occult yet, I think the answer is yes…

      I think you’re talking about Sarah Parker? She’s in the next post and I’m in love with this idea. I just wish I hadn’t played through the whole thing already.

      It was my instinct to write Tammy bitchy, and then I remembered why.

      And yes, even Kougra is de-Langurdifying just a little! If any of them held their ground, it was going to be her. 😛

      Novel-length is my favourite length! Thank you so much for the comment! 😀


    • Oh! And I’m amazed you made the Stephen Brackney connection! I knew it felt familiar, but even I could remember why!

      P.S. “You’re on fire” is also very accurate in the lead-up to #3…


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