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Oh My God, We’re Back Again


Look at this fool, trying to hype up her return to the blogosphere by comparing it to a boyband comeback. Despicable.


I have completed my yearly bout of falling off the face of the earth! It’s been 10 months and 22 days since I last posted, which I think is pretty standard at this point? However, this year’s unplanned-but-fully-expected hiatus featured some pretty cool things, including a literal departure from the face of the earth. No, I didn’t just jump in the air for a split second, though that totally counts. I’m talking about an actual adventure!

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Update from Purgatory

Scratch that—this is what Hell looks like.


Thank goodness DSLady has fired back some Sunshine and Liebster questions to keep me busy! At this rate, I will have composed an entire autobiography before the results are in.

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Look, a Distraction!

Help me, I can’t stop blogging! (Actually, I’m more afraid that if I DO stop, it’ll be five years before I start again.) Either way, I did a thing to kill some time and stop me checking the Devil’s Heir Poll every three minutes.


Approximately ten thousand years ago, Liebster Awards were once again circulating the air ducts of WordPress and three of them landed in the Langurds’ dust trap. (Wow, my analogies need to calm the fuck down.) Thank you to Miss Wingless, FluffyMao, and misterwolfe86 for those! Here are my totally serious answers to their questions: 

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Iron from Ice (and Other Distractions)

So everyone did their Spirit Animal posts, and this month’s theme is “oh btw I’m still alive” posts, right?

Here’s mine anyway…

Like many simmers I know, I’ve always been hesitant about claiming “gamer” status among non-simming folk. Somehow, the fact that I mainly play Sims and Pokémon earns me the title “girl gamer” or “casual gamer,” both of which I object to (there’s nothing casual about logging 36 hours of virtual house building in a week, let me tell you). Truth be told, the reason I don’t often let myself delve into other games isn’t that they don’t interest me. I just know too well that I don’t do things by halves, and that the moment I get invested in a new universe, I get so completely and irreversibly lost in it that I can’t resurface until I’ve explored every corner. And when it’s all over, I’m left wandering all hollowed out and incapable of existing in the real world for a minimum of two weeks. (The six months after Deathly Hallows were another story.)

I’m a binger. It’s just how I live.

My recent downfall started when one of my quidditch friends posted about a Humble Bundle featuring 13 of Telltale’s graphic adventure games for JUST TWELVE DOLLARS (insert flabbergasted commercial actor). A few people had been bothering me to play the Game of Thrones RPG for a while, because I’m that person who broadcasts their ASOIAF love far and wide and who will start an in-depth theory discussion in the middle of a raging party. Yeah, that cool person.

Long story short, I caved and bought all the games. A month later I installed one… and 24 hours after that, I was a blubbering mess.

IMG_0504 (1)

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