3.10 Deus Ex Machina

Can I publish two chapters in one day? Probably not. No, definitely not. But this site is nearing its second birthday, and TS4 is slated to come out way too soon, and look at how not-far we’ve come.

So I’m setting a goal for myself as of right now. The Langurds are going to birth their 6th generation before the year is out. Is that even remotely possible? Probably not. No, definitely not. But it should at least spur me into action.


How many “lonely Razor in a lonely bed” pictures can I get away with posting? The answer is many, because it never gets less sad. This one, however, comes with a different sentiment. After a quick trip to the Sim Bin and back, the Langurds can sleep in their beds again! Hallelujah, and good riddance to Glitchhilda.


But then there’s Balboa, who spits on all the trouble I went to and hangs out in this uncozy contraption. Watch, his head’s about to slip right through those bars.


He also enjoys swimming in the snow with his little sister.

Balboa: Splish, splash, I was taking a bath, catchin’ hypothermia yeah!

Lira: My friend says please stop singing that song, he hates it.

Balboa: Wait, what?


Conspiracy theories, talking dolls – what’s next for this kid? Why, ghostly great-grandmothers, of course.

Balboa: What’s it like being dead?

Morgana: Mostly just cold. Like the weather outside right now, but all the time.

Balboa: Sounds gnarly, bro.


Arabella: Good heavens, son, why are you glowing?

Balboa: You’re a spectral figure. Shouldn’t you be babysitting? Mom says that’s your job. I don’t know what a spectral figure is. What’s a spectral figure?


Balboa: Guess what, Auntie Zula? There’s this magical jelly bean tree in our house and I found it and I ate a bunch and now I’m blue!

Azula: Kid, go to sleep.

Balboa: I’m always asleep.

Azula: Get help.


Razor continues to be a grandfatherly bamf. He’s also like, really really old.

Razor: I’ll see you soon, Arabella.



Lira: I’m sleepy. Will you put me to bed?

Razor: You are in your bed, sweet girl.

Lira: I’m sleepy. Will you put me to bed?

Somebody take the batteries out of that thing.


The kids in this family are the laziest SOB’s. They have yet to hop on a school bus because they keep getting snow days when there’s like a light dusting on the ground. And Florin is the worst of them all, since he inherited what I call Katana’s honorary trait, and that is—you guessed it—Couch Potato. It was only fitting that it would pop up for real in one of her kids.

Florin: Hahahaha, that guy’s head just fell right off his shoulders! Man, that cracks me up!

It mixes wonderfully with his sense of non-humour, as you can see.


Yes, the children of Generation Four are coming into their own. Florin’s an unfunny lazybones. Lira’s a creepy animated toy.

Lira: Come with me to my secret hideout.

Katana: Where’s the “off” switch?

Lira: I have an army of Furbies in the linen cupboard.

And Balboa, well…


Balboa: Asdfgjdfghjk GET IN MY MOUTH


Balboa: Ahuehuehuehuea. Ahuehua.


Balboa: It’sssss minty fresh!

Jelly beans — the gateway drug.


Balboa: Hey Florin, did you know we’re in a computer game being controlled by—

Florin: Oh, get away from me with your crazy talk.

Poor Boa. He just wants to be friends with his only brother. If only Florin could see… aaand cue musical!


Do you wanna build a snow man?
I’m all hyped up and don’t know why
It must have been those jelly beans I ate
They’re super trippy and they probably made me high

We used to share a room, man
Just you and me
Though we probably have different daaaaads

Do you wanna build a snowman?

No, I really don’t.

Okay, rad.


Do you wanna build a snowman?
It’s like a man but made of snow
There’s so much more to life than algebra
But you’re a buzzkill so you probably wouldn’t know

Florin: Okay, god. I’ll build the dumb snowman.


But never mind Elsa because we’ve got our own little snow queen right here.

Lira: You’re my best friend. Let’s have a tea party and braid each other’s hair. Oh? You don’t have any hair…


Lira: But that’s okay, you have other qualities I enjoy.

Potterbear: Bloody hell, that’s disturbing.


You know how I said Dax’s team was made up of “old people & Lance”? It truly is. They lose all their games, and it’s hilarious. They’re like an old-timers’ team that was accidentally thrown in the bigtime, probably because they weren’t wearing their glasses when they filled out the forms.

Coworker: Good run today, Dax. Remember I’m off next week for my colonoscopy.


But* it doesn’t stop Dax from thinking he’s the shit*.

Dax: You know, Boa, you should get out there and start crossfitting like your daddy.

Katana: You don’t crossfit.

Dax: You can be just as good-looking and successful in life as I am!

Katana: I can’t listen to this.

(*That was a really unfortunate sentence to write after “colonoscopy.”)


You want good-looking and successful in life? Take this guy. (No really, take him. He’s available for download.)

At 109 days old, Razor is still out there in the snow, smashing rocks from space with his bare hands.


And, with those same bare hands, he feeds bottles to delicate baby girls. All the while denying himself access to shower and toilet.

Razor: That’s not a desirable quality. Don’t tell people that.


Soon enough, those delicate baby girls were ready to become… well, slightly less delicate baby girls. Less likely to break if you drop them, which is a bonus. Here goes Lev.

Katana: What are you doing, trash compactor? I thought I made you unbreakable. I thought we had a deal.

D’awww, look at those big brothers in their farmyard pyjamas. So supportive.


Dax: Does she look like me?

Razor: Piss off, Dax.

She already looks so much like Katana it’s ridiculous. She’s the third child to inherit the golden eyes! Also, you may have noticed I’m down to the reject pile of toddler hairstyles.


Now for Drachma. I don’t know why, but she always sounds like a dragon in my head.

Balboa: You know, Dad, your butt is pretty squishy for a crossfitter.



Drachma & Lev: Wow, we’re identical!

No, you really aren’t. I kinda like it that way.

As a little refresher, Drachma on the left is the grumpy one. Her name is pronounced DRAK-MA, but you probably knew that. Lev is on the right in the miserable attempt at a new and original shade of grey (you know there are only fifty of them, har har har) since Florin and Lira already stole her colour. I just learned that her name is actually pronounced “Lef,” but it’s too late to change what’s in my head. Doesn’t matter — my family has been pronouncing our own last name wrong for generations.


It’s the Langurds’ first Snowflake Day in the new house!

Dax: Oh look, mistletoe. Doesn’t it make you want to kiss a handsome, buff guy right in this very spot?

Katana: You’re right, it does! I’ll just wait for one to show up.


We tried to throw a gift-giving party, but the game said there was no room for the gift pile. THE GAME IS BLIND. I even stashed all the furniture.

Lev: Mommy, where’s our stuff?

Katana: The Grinch came. Merry Christmas.


Balboa is gradually introducing his brother to the joys of living a little.

Florin: Ow! I don’t like snowball fights!

Balboa: It’s called a fight, but you aren’t supposed to take it personally!


I think he took it personally.


Meanwhile, a figure from Katana’s dark past spawned in the icy bushes. Dun dun dun duuuun.


You see, even without presents, you can still get together with the people who matter and stand in a circle and sing “Fahoo Fores” and all that. So everyone showed up for a regular house party instead. ‘Cause like, I always bring a 15lb turkey to house parties.


Lance and boyfriend were next to arrive.

Tomahawk: Nice try, buddy. If you think you’re getting two of my baby sisters, think again. Thumbs down. Through the heart.


Ooooh looky, Florin’s first meeting with his other Mommy. ❤

Florin: So you live on the other side of the world?

Sun: Yes, that’s right. I live in a place called China.


Florin: I’ll dig a hole there.

Sun: Oh, that’s so adorable!

Florin: So I can push people down it and they’ll fall forever. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


Malissa: Really? You’re gonna be that guy? Everyone hates that guy.


Ah, young love.

Malissa: I wonder if he’s thinking of me…

Balboa: I wonder what’s for dinner…


And… old love?

Dax: Good game last night, June.

June: You’re married. I’m married. But my last name is Shallow, and it’s no coincidence. Let’s hook up.

Dax: Okay!

I don’t feel bad anymore. He’s just as bad as Katana.


And don’t forget middle-aged love.

Sun: So that’s your new man, eh? I have half a mind to steal him from you.


Katana: I’ll fight you for him.

Sun: You’re on.

Florin: Why would you fight over that guy? You should be kissing each other instead.

Katana: Go play your video games, Florin.


Sun: We’re really going to spar over that hunk? Best party ever.

Yep, the fight was all set and then…



Oh yeah, REAL CONVENIENT escape. Sun Young Chicken.

Katana: You’re as bad as that guitar fool.


Well, at least Katana got her buff, handsome man under the mistletoe.

Katana: Look, I match the decor. This was definitely on purpose.

Weston: Oh, would you look at tha–


Katana: Now I’m gonna sniff your face. Mmm, is that turkey grease?


Things only went downhill from there.

June: What is there a child dying upstairs or something?

Dax: Oh, that? That’s just Drachma. I don’t count that one.


Balboa: I ate seventeen jelly beans today!

Azula: Maybe you should lay off those things for a while.


Dax: Yep, just waiting under the mistletoe, hoping to catch the eye of a pretty girl.

Lance: I’m leaving now, bye.


I won’t pity you. I won’t do it.



If Dax is good for one thing, it’s making wonderfully whacked-out kids.

Lira: Will you be my friend?

Be afraid, Drachma.


And Balboa just won’t stop rolling wishes for jelly beans, even though they make him alternately hyper, depressed, minty, starving, and scholarly.


Florin: I think you have a problem.


Balboa: Where are we? Is this a new house? Did we get a new house? I love our new house.

Florin: You’re a moron.


Naturally, at a time when her children needed guidance and support, Katana packed up and went to France.

Katana: Still haven’t got my car back *grumblegrumble*


She rolled this within five seconds of getting there. Oh, honey.


We are getting through this LTW.


Katana: Alright guy, I need a mission. Just don’t try and jump my bones like the last guy did.

Jean Luc: Don’t worry, you are much too un-classy for Jean Luc.

Katana: Gee, thanks.

Jean-Luc: You must return to le Chateau du Landgraab.

Katana: Ffffff–


Katana: Well this isn’t so bad. How come I never saw these rooms before?


Katana: That artsy shit though.

Oh, suck it up. Beggars can’t be choosers.


This place is actually so nifty. Look, Katana can even practice her tinkering on the 3938502-year-old bathtub!

Katana: Just preparing my vessel for the long voyage into oblivion.

What the hell does that–


Katana: Goodbye, cruel world! This is how it ends.



Alas, more adventures to be had. More pretty pictures to take.

Edith: My creamsicle saviour!

Hi, Edith. Camped out in any puddles lately?


Katana’s next mission was the easiest of them all. She “fully explored” this “tomb” just by walking through the front door. Then she nabbed a big stack of money.

Katana: Already got more of this shit than I know what to do with.

No kidding, and in more ways than one. Hadn’t you noticed her kids were named after money? 😉

(Of course not, Sam. Who the eff names their legacy children after foreign currencies?)

Balboa = Panama
Florin = Aruba
Lira = Turkey
Lev = Bulgaria
Drachma = Greece (until 2001)

I figured it was about time I cleared that up.


And Katana thought it was about time to clear up the food in the old groundskeeper’s refrigerator. It’s like France is just a big hand saying “Here you go, have everything.”


But then there’s the locals. They’re a real treat.

Aimée: What are you doing ‘ere? You were not invited to zee exclusive nectar connoisseurs club!

Katana: Sorry, I forgot my hooker lipstick and necktie. Be right back.

Beret Dude: Good one! She got you there, Aimée!


Don’t worry, Katana. You’re better than all of them because you can fix a toilet.


Or ALL THE TOILETS IN THE WORLD. BAM. Who ever thought she would accomplish anything so important?


Katana: I’m the boss of life now.


Katana: No wait, I resign. Life is too hard.


Katana: Like, way too hard. I mean wtf, really?

Yeah, somebody wasn’t too happy about having their stuff taken, so they caged her in with lightning. I cycled through the typical: WE’RE STUCK HERE FOREVER AND MY GAME IS BROKEN –> No wait, we’re stuck here until Katana STARVES TO DEATH, OH NOOEEES –> Well, we could just cut the trip short… –> Oh wait, didn’t we buy a thing from the special merchant? –> The one she made out with? –> Yeah, that one.

(Definitely a “typical” series of responses.)


And then – Floo Powder Power!

Katana: This is dumb. I should just jump out the window.


Katana: So I got the stuff you wanted, Mr. Pivert. But I was hoping you could pay me double, since that castle chewed me up and shat me out again. Uh, Mr. Pivert?

Jean Luc: Hmm?

Katana: Pay me, you asshole.

Jean Luc: That’s nice.

We managed to squeeze in one more (incredibly stupid) mission before home time.


Katana: So… you’re standing in the basement of the nectary.

Edith: Yes.

Katana: And you called me from across town to bring you nectar.

Edith: Yes.

Katana: Are you locked in the bathroom or something?

Edith: No, why do you ask?


So basically, she’s completely helpless and just wants a slave.


Easy, right? Not at all. Katana couldn’t just bring her a purchased meal from the café; she had to actually prepare something, which makes a lot of sense given that your average backpacker doesn’t have a bloody stove. So I unclicked the mission and left Edith to rot in her bathroom lair.

But not before Katana had bought a bunch of unnecessary food which I then forced her to eat.

Katana: No force here. Why the fuck would I throw this out?

And then the trip was over, and thank goodness, because I’m already sick of writing about it.


Balboa: Did you know our family used to have a unicorn but then they neglected it and it got taken away by a chicken named Loserface?

Florin: Sure, Boa. Whatever you say.


You haven’t seen much of Lev, and it’s because she’s the happy-go-luckiest little toddler and nothing ever bothers her.

Lira: Grandaddy, will you please step back a bit? I can’t go with you watching me so close.


Razor: Of course. Is this better?

Lira: Perfect.

Lev: *unfazed*


You haven’t seen Drachma either, and it’s because she’s completely un-noteworthy.

Katana: Holy shit, I forgot you existed. Which one are you again?


Here’s a sorta cute picture of her to make up for it.



And one final gem.

Katana: Look guys, I’m only one person. I think the fairest solution is for me to just ignore both of you. You can read each other to sleep.


So E3 just happened. September 2nd? I should be excited, but that’s waaaay too close for my liking. To those of you who also have unfinished legacies: What are your plans for when the Big 4 comes out? Am I stressing over nothing? Yeah, I totally am.

I guess I didn’t finish this in one day, but I did it in three and that’s pretty good for me. It’s also a fluke, so don’t get used to it. 😀 Stay tuned for whatever I happen to find in my next screenshot folder!

Happy Simming!


P.S. Excuse my portrayal of the French. I am actually the biggest France fangirl.


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  1. After recently starting my third ongoing legacy, I’m freaking out about The Sims 4. It’s so close! I’m going to have to play non-stop >_<
    I love this family so much haha. Katana is probably one of my favorite sims around. Her features are just wonderful too. I'm going to download someone in this family one day and pop them in one of my legacies. I can't wait for the next chapter! 😀


    • I know right? I’ll have to play non-stop and a half… and I can’t afford that. I have too many hobbies in my life! The main thing I’m hoping is that my TS3 buddies won’t all jump ship come September – as long as there are still people reading and writing along with me, I can deal. XD And I’m honoured if you’d want to put my sims in your game, ’cause yours have some of the coolest genetics around!


      • I’m hoping to get at least one legacy done by September, but if I don’t I want to still hop in TS3 and work on my legacies there. I’ll just have to stop myself from making a legacy in TS4 until they’re done xD
        Thank you! I love seeing how cool sims can turn out so if we mixed sims together they’d look so awesome 😀


      • They totally would! You know, I’ve always had this thought of making a legacy that marries in a Sim from one of my favourite legacies each generation, so that the whole thing is just a giant mix of blogger-bred Sims. It’s totally unrealistic, but think how awesome the 10th generation would look after all that! 😛


      • That would be the coolest legacy ever! Why doesn’t that exist already xD


  2. Hi! Another fun adventure! I love this whole family! And I am also suffering from TS4 stress. I’m 9 gens into an Alphabetcy. I cannot possibly finish it before TS4. But I’ve come so far… I can’t even pretend that I’m going to want to play TS3 all the time when my preordered 4 is available for download. I’ve managed to get this far in about 8 months, so I’m pretty fast, but 26 generations fast? Nope. I’m freaked out about what to do. I’ve thought a lot if things, and I think I’ll bring it to poll. 1. Change it to a regular legacy and stop at gen 10. 2. Recreate the next TH to the best of my ability in TS4, and continue in TS4. 3. Finish in TS3 with far less frequent updates. Or 4. Other and leave a comment. Ideas? Input? I have no freaking idea what to do.


    • You are CRAZY fast and I want to know your secret! Seriously. It’s been two years for me, and four generations. It’s pathetic. Even if I devote all my time to this, I’ll be going for at least another year or two. But I want 4 so bad! I’ve definitely considered your #2 option, but the nagging perfectionist inside me wouldn’t be able to ever see it as “complete.” I also don’t feel like I’m done with TS3 yet (I mean, I don’t even own all the expansion packs) so I just have to hope that the appeal of this legacy is more in the story and characters than in the gameplay itself, and that people won’t stop reading just because I don’t have the “latest and greatest.” 😛

      For you, even just stopping at ten generations would be a fantastic achievement… but I don’t want to say goodbye to the Zales yet! I’m assuming “less frequent” for you would still be pretty frequent, yes? XD I won’t be much help here, since my indecision parallels yours. Gahhh. At least we have a few more months to figure things out. And a poll is a great idea!


      • My secret? Um… I live in a state of disarray, and don’t worry about things like laundry and do nothing but play The Sims in my free time. Ha!

        I also am not done with TS3. I’ve spent only a few hours in some of my worlds, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of IP and ITF, I’ve never had a kitten be born, I’ve never mastered SO many skills and professions. I’m definitely NOT DONE with TS3. But I’m afraid I won’t be able to balance the two. When TS3 came out, I didn’t have a PC that’d run it forever, so I was devoted to TS2. The second I got a new computer, I never looked back to TS2… Seriously. I never even loaded the game again… I was just looking through an old closet, and there were ALL the expansion discs. Apartment Life and so forth… I was like, OH YEAH… but I STILL didn’t want to play it! Although, I never had anything going in TS2 that I was as attached to as The Zales… I can’t imagine not playing them… UGH, I STILL do not know what to do!


      • I swear that I restarted and bingeing on this PRECISELY BECAUSE OF THE CRAY STORY AND CRAY SIMS you got.

        You really help me sustain the boredom of work with your absurd world.

        Have I thanked you for that?

        I think now.

        So now I am saying THANK YOU for doing this crazy shit and endure and entertain me and so many others, Girl. YOU DA BOMB.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think you may have thanked me a few times! XD

        Thank YOU for reading! 😀


    • Back up back up back up.


      Daym girl, you are DEDICATED!

      Sitting in front of the compie, selecting photos, making decent narrative, that takes TIME, ENERGY, EFFORT, PATIENCE.

      Y’all are GOOD.




      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not getting 4 I can’t get past no create a style it’s a bummer so it’s all 3 for me not that I mind 🙂
    Btw there is a pretty lucrative tomb in the nectary if I remember correctly.


    • No WHAT now?! Apparently I’ve been living under a rock because this is news to me… Dang it all, CASt is my biggest crutch! (Haha… punny?) Now I’m on the fence again.
      Yes! I believe Katana may have looted it and I just forgot to take pictures or something oops


  4. Baw Dax, you big loser ❤ I just noticed that it looks like he has the same outfit as Young Adult Thor. (I don't think you've read that part yet, long story short, I couldn't be arsed to change his clothes after he grew up, and he looks like old Dax \o/)

    I COULD have figured out the currency theme, as I knew about Florin and Drachma, except I totally didn't connect the obvious bits, and just thought that "Drachma is suuuch a cuuute and unusuaaaal naaaame <333" with all the extra vowels, naturally. Derp. In honour of this, I will name all kids in generation five after the nordic currencies. (They're all the same. Except Finland, which has euros. Suckers.) Snerk.

    No, you can totally make generation six before the new year! We're only halfway through the year (already, omg) it's soooo doable. *panics* WE HAVE SIX GENERATIONS LEFT! FAITO!!


  5. I certainly think you can make it to generation 6 by the end of the year! I have faith in you, friend!!! =D

    Wow, is Lira a strange, strange combination of creepy and adorable! It seems she has a bit of a kink in her neck as well. Maybe it’s the cryptic in me, but she’s turning out to possibly be my favorite this generation. She’s just so damn interesting!

    I was in stitches about Balboa and his jelly bean obsession!! I’ve never seen a sim so obsessed with those beans! 😛


    • Thanks, friend! I hope so! 😀 I’m looking forward to more chapters on your blog too!

      Lira is definitely one of the strangest Sims I’ve had. I’d say she probably gets more creepy than adorable as she ages.

      And Balboa just cracks me up every time I play him. I only recently found out that your Sim can die from the beans, sooo I’d say we’ve been pretty lucky so far. XD


  6. Sam, do you know your sims can die from eating jellybeans from that moronic, satanic, jellybean tree? One of my sims died from it and I was like “nooooo… he’s hot.”. Seriously though, it’s one of the effects, you probably know this, but I don’t want Boa to die 😦

    I had no idea that the kids were named after currency 😀 that’s ingenious.

    And Katana has a belly-ring? ERMERGERD, that’s fcuking AWESOME!
    And that “young love scene” with Malissa… Oh goob, I laughed so hard.


    • I just found this out recently! That is, after I’d played through Gen. 3, all the way up to Boa’s young adult birthday. He must have eaten at least 50 beans by now, so I guess we’ve been lucky. I don’t want him to die either!

      I don’t even know where I got the belly ring from, but I’m addicted to putting it on my sims. Probably to compensate for the fact that I want one in real life but am too cowardly to do it. XD


  7. Oh my gosh, the snowman song! 109 is pretty good, my current record is 101. One of my friends from school is actually called Yen.
    I’m excited about Sims 4 but knowing my luck my PC is already too out-of-date to run it and I’ll have to wait many years until I get the next one.


    • Wait until you see how old Razor lives to be – it’s a new record for me by far. Yen is an awesome name! I believe it was on my shortlist for this generation, too.
      I hear the specs for TS4 are geared more toward budget hardware, but I could be wrong about that. In any case, it seems like there’s a bunch of us who will be sticking with TS3 (for a while at least!).


  8. I can’t believe I didn’t get the currency names. We used to pay with (dutch) Florins…. And I was already alive when we had those. I paid with Lira’s in turkey and I knew about Drachma’s too. It did seem familiar. That counts too, right?
    Balboa and his jellybean addiction is so hilarious. But ever since I found out they can die eating those beans, I’m a little hesitant letting my sims own one.
    I myself haven’t finished my legacy yet. And I think I’m going to make myself finish it before getting sims 4. But who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind.


    • You know, I figured if anyone would get it, it would be you! 🙂 So it must have been really hard to guess. I was also aiming for currencies that didn’t sound *too* strange as baby names so that they wouldn’t give it away.
      I’m worried about the jellybeans now. It’s kind of his thing, so I don’t want to cut him off. But I don’t want him to die either. 😛
      I really need to catch up on your legacy! And I’ll be glad if you stick around after TS4 comes out, but I understand the temptation. I keep wavering, too.


      • Aww, you give me too much credit. My excuse is: I’m used to the Dutch word for Florins (Florijnen) and that’s why I didn’t figure it out. Yes, that’s it.
        I’ve been playing my legacy again the last few weeks, after a very long hiatus. Reading yours, made me want to play again…
        Maybe I’ll even update this weekend. Or not, it depends on the weather. And maybe soccer..


  9. I haven’t decided if I’m going to get 4 or not. I know it won’t be right away. I’ll probably finish my legacy and then do another just to use it some more. I’m going to wait and see what everyone thinks that’s going to buy it right away and then I’ll start buying it when I can get everything for cheaper XD. I am frugal lol and it’ll let EA get rid of some major bugs.


    • This is seeming more and more like the way to go… Cheaper is good, and so is no bugs. I am really bad at being frugal though, so I will probably have to chain down my wallet (and my hands) for the first few months after release. XD


  10. I love Balboa’s rendition of Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? Epic. And I am really liking his character…well, I was until he got hooked on jellybeans. Assuming he makes it to YA stage, we’ll see. But I also love Lira, she’s so freaking creepy, but it’s cool with her.

    I’m not getting TS4 straight away – hell, I only got really into TS3 this year. And it’s awesome, because all the EPs are way cheaper now 😀 And I’m with autumnrein, allow EA and the community to get rid of/fix all the bugs you know are going to be in TS4, and then we can save money and time buying it later.


    • Oh, and I was reading your comments with Sammy – I think the idea of marrying in a blogger bred sim every generation is great! I probably have almost enough sims downloaded to do that already, even before I get any of Sammy’s or yours or Heather’s.


      • This is something that definitely needs to happen. 😀


      • If/when I ever do a legacy, I am so doing that. Seriously considering starting one with a child from my WYDC – she’s the offspring of Audio Science Creeper, and she’s gorgeous. And hey, starting the “mix-up the legacy sims” legacy with a sim who already has legacy blood sounds perfect.

        I just went though my “legacy sims” backup folder – I have 11 non-berry families of legacy sims that could be married in (Langurds included). It could so be done.


      • Do eeeet! I would, but I probably haven’t read as many legacies as you (and the Langurds are needy children crying out for my life and soul). I’d love to see the genetics!

        And I’ll bet Audio Science’s kid is gorgeous. Pilot Inspektor was always my fave, though. 😉


      • I read legacies and challenges for a good five months before attempting anything similar of my own. So yes, I have plenty.

        Pilot Inspektor is everyone’s favourite, I think. I love Audio Science as well, though, because of his awesome red hair. So few born-in-game sims have red hair 😦


    • Haha thank you, it only took me half an hour to write. 😛 I see you have adapted to the GoT way of life — stop liking a character at the first sign of peril to save yourself the heartbreak. XD But I’m not cruel like GRRM, I’m just an idiot… I didn’t know the jellybeans were deadly until much later.

      Yeah! Cheap EP’s are the way to go (only took me a decade of simming to learn that). And the more I hear about TS4, the more I don’t want it… I will get it eventually, I’m sure, but at this stage I think I can stand to wait.


      • I knew the jellybeans were deadly, but it was only a 1% chance, so I figured I could have my sim play around a bit. 11 jellybeans later, she was dead. So annoying; though the ghost has cool colouring.


  11. Monies!! Er, ehm, currencies.
    I recognized ‘drachma’ when it was first mentioned, and I theoretically knew about levs, florins and liras, but I didn’t make the connection until you’ve announced it. I had only one association with Balboa, and that was Rocky 😀

    your average backpacker doesn’t have a bloody stove. So I unclicked the mission

    Aw, these were some easy visa points. The base camp in France has a full kitchen, there must’ve been an accessible stove. Oh well…
    Sun Young Chicken — heh 😀 And Florin ships it, obviously. The li’l Oedipus.

    Sun: Yes, that’s right. I live in a place called China.
    Florin: I’ll dig a hole there.
    Sun: Oh, that’s so adorable!
    Florin: So I can push people down it and they’ll fall forever. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    Ah, so that’s what Arabella’s book The One-Way Hole to China was about. Like granma, like grandkid, I suppose.


    • Haha, admittedly I picked Balboa for the firstborn just to throw people off. Also because it was a Survivor tribe once, and I used to be hooked on Survivor.

      Dang it! I don’t know what it was, but I went to every lot with a fridge and still couldn’t find the option to “Make Dinner” or “Serve Dinner,” only to “Have Quick Meal.” And no matter what plate of food I put in her inventory, it just kept saying “0/1.” Maybe I’m just dumb though. 😛

      I never made that connection! So freaking perfect, especially since Florin got his blonde hair from his grandmother. I guess Arabella had the power of foresight?


  12. I realize that it’s been years since you posted this chapter, but did you know that sims can die from eating jelly beans? I had it happen once and it took me completely by surprise. Anyways… I’m going through your legacy and I love your writing so far! The Langurds are a very interesting lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is me going on a time travelling journey through all the comments I failed to reply to!

      Hilariously, I did NOT know this about jellybeans when I initially played Balboa. XD I think I eased off of them a bit after I found out, but a part of me enjoyed that tiny risk. I was a dumb, dumb simmer back in the day!

      Anyway, thank you for the comment! I’m glad you like the legacy! 🙂



    (I’m glitching but gleeful to read your work as always~)

    Liked by 1 person

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