Celebrating Five Years of Langurd: The Official Half-Decade Heptathlon (Finally, Proof that I Am a Crazy Person)

It’s not every day your young blog turns five, and I’ve been stewing and stewing over how to celebrate the upcoming legaversary in style. The only problem with doing cool things is the inevitable need to follow up with cooler things, and let’s face it, Birthdays 3 and 4 reached a level of coolness known only to Beyonce and Antarctica. (I hope you are all reading my sarcasm here.)


Somewhere in my stewing amidst the carrots and barley I realized that five years is an inanely long time for you, the readers, to have stuck with a stuttering, wheezing, at times just dead-on-the-floor blog like this one. So instead of wasting time on a glorified spin-off, I’ve decided to channel my appreciation into something more productive. Something that has never been attempted in Langurd history. Something that goes against every fibre of my being and may just kill me.

Are you ready?

Starting tomorrow, I will update the Langurds once per day through July 12th.


No, I’m serious.


Guys, please believe me.

tenor (1)

Fine. You’ll see. Seven posts in seven days isn’t even that hard. I got this.

*puts coffee grinder on overdrive*

It’s gonna be an interesting week.

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  1. omg good luck!! Not because I don’t think you can do it, because you totally can (chug that coffee!! see those noises!!), but I remember doing that during October for SimNaWriMo, and it was a challenge, even though I cut my post length in half!

    But then again, don’t listen to me. It really wasn’t that bad and you can do it!!

    Also, happy birthday, Tewl. You are now as old as your maturity level! 😀


    • “See those noises” is so right XD I finally just slept properly for the first time since starting this and I had so many weird dreams, I couldn’t remember if my mom telling me she bought peanut butter was one of them (it wasn’t, thankfully. PB is the best insanity cure).

      And I know I sounded semi-confident in this post, but I was 99% sure I couldn’t do this until I was within inches of doing it. So you weren’t wrong at all to say it was a challenge! If only I couldn’t have managed this last October…

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  2. Happy birthday, Langurds! It’s been a trip so far, and I’m looking forward to another year with these crazies! ^_^

    Good luck, Sam! Here’s to the new Langurd-a-day cycle! Remember to eat, even if its instant ramen or something. Coffee doesn’t do shit if you don’t have the food in your stomach to fuel the caffeine now coursing through your veins. #CollegeProTips XD


    • The Langurds thank you! I mean, not that I speak for them, but I will beat them up until they are appreciative if that’s what it takes.

      I’m happy to report that many of these posts were ramen-fuelled, so apparently you know me well. 😛 And thank you for being so supportive – I’m pretty sure all this encouragement gave me blogging superpowers because there’s no way this level of productivity was a natural occurrence. :O

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  3. I’m ready for this! I love everything about your blog and for you to update it everyday, it’s sure to be a spectacle! Don’t burn yourself out though!


  4. It’s just like twelve days of Christmas, only it’s seven days of Langurds! And twelve minus seven equals five years of your blog! Yay math, and double yay to you for keeping up with those sims 🙂


    • Mind blown, this clearly means something (if only that math is really cool). At first I laughed at the Langurds being compared to Christmas, but I’ve seen the light. Having all those chapters off my plate is a gift in itself!


  5. Zomg, you really are a crazy person! And give me crazy ideas myself…I really should catch up on posting all my backlogged screenshots, then maybe I wouldn’t have to wait so long for the results of the generation poll.

    *holds on* I’m ready for aaaall the Langurds!


  6. Happy legacy-birthday from 3 years in the future!

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