7.14 Insufficient Storage

Would you look at that! Here we are in the final stretch of SimNano, and here’s Gryffindork of all people embarking on her last update with a whole week to spare! I’ve actually reached my personal goals already for wordcount and pictures, so I could theoretically put nothing in this post and still make quota. However, that would be kinda shitting on the honour system, not to mention ignoring the fact that I still have THOUSANDS of screenshots to plough through even after the month is out.

Still, I could totally make this a skimpy one—INSTEAD, I have chosen to tackle the most eventful chapter of the entire generation so HAHA yay me!


Siesta: Eventful? No thanks. We’re not fans of “eventful.”

Dusty: Yeah, no events please.


Dusty: It’s not like we have two kids or anything.

Siesta: And we definitely don’t have a third one on the way.


Siesta: Even if we did, being Langurds pretty much gives us free licence to be garbage parents.

Dusty: It’s settled then. We live here now.


Siesta: This is great. Nothing can go wrong!


Dustiesta: *innocent snoring*


Yes, our Gen. 7 baby makers have officially opted out of the legacy experience and chosen to live in blissful ignorance of the chaos inside their home.


Yet the kids are oddly thriving – how could that be??


Right, let One Word Jim over here teach the kid to talk. That’s a swell idea. Nice of him to teach Acara her father’s name though.

Dudley: Feather stick!

Acara: Feather stick!

Err, or not.


It’s a dangerous thing that Dudley is fully capable of caring for two children on his own.

Dudley: Danger?

Yeah man, your masters might just run away to the Bahamas if you’re not careful.

Dudley: Uh-oh.


Also, there’s something a bit problematic about them working their robot to the bone while they nap in the sun…

Dudley: Nap 😀

But I suppose it’s fine if he doesn’t have any feelings, right?


Siesta: I can fix that.

Oh yeah, how could I forget that it’s your DREAM to make your robobaby feel the pain of existence in its entirety?

Siesta: Jeez, I just want him to know his own name. Who hurt you?


But before we awaken Dudley to the evils of the world, we have some other stuff to attend to.

Dudley: Cobbler for Master!

Siesta: Sweet, thanks Dudley! Looks de—


Siesta: Awwww dangit, not again.

Dudley: BABY!

Dusty: Gee I’d love to help but my hands are full. Dudley you got this, right?


Dudley does not “got this” per se, so we opt for a hospital birth.

In actual fact I just like to switch it up sometimes for fun (clearly the blasé words of someone who has never experienced childbirth in a hospital OR elsewhere).


Five hours later…

Siesta: I swear, if somebody ate my cobbler…

…and we’re still on the cobbler.


Siesta: It’s not there, is it? I’m going to KILL Riza.

After a labour that could only have been fueled by thoughts of peaches and murder – our Neurotic, Heat-Loving Tonu is born. Tonu is a Libra who loves Chinese music, the colour yellow, and surprisingly not cobbler but hot dogs.


Wishes really do come true—Dusty got his mini Siesta and Siesta got her mini Dusty. ❤


Unfortunately, Ixi takes her role too seriously and sprouts into a veritable clone.

Ixi: Actually, Mommy doesn’t have yellow eyes or elf ears.

Yeah, and those are pretty cool things to have but seriously guys WE CAN’T GO ON LIKE THIS.


Figures the only time we got cool throwback genetics was when Riza brought back the micronose and alien eyes.

Riza: Nah, I just got really dilated pupils.

All the time??

Riza: I, uh, do a lot of drugs?

Like that’s better than being an alien.


Hey Dusty, what’s that in your hand?

Dusty: The honour I have brought to my family.

I don’t know why this glitch amuses me so much.


Wow, apparently we have a lot more to attend to. Instead of throwing that Sentience chip in Dudley and calling it a day, Siesta builds a whole new plumbot. Everyone meet Pete, the thicc boi to Dudley’s sticc boi.

Pete: Plerp?

Siesta: He’s perfect!


And instead of sticking with their currently-very-manageable brood, these idiots push their luck in the kid department too.

Siesta: I love a man in uniform.

Dusty: And I love having more children than hands to feed them with.

Siesta: Relax, it’s just one more.

Dusty: That’s what you think.


Luckily we have four hands to spare, and Dudley’s here to teach Pete the order of things.

Pete: Mine?


Dudley: Mine.

Pete: 😦


Pete: Mine?

Ixi: Well, make it snappy, new guy!


Dudley: Mine.

Pete: 😦

Ixi: What did I tell you?


WHOA WHOA WHOA. Dusty, what are you doing??

Dusty: I hear you can hook me up with a certain sexy doctor.

Lev: Dude, I’m not hooking anyone up with my husband.


Jeff: *knees down the door* Choosing my friends for me, eh Lev? Didn’t we talk about this?

Lev: Whatever.


Jeff: I happen to think this Dusty chap is pretty swell.

Dusty: You do?

Jeff: Nah, I just love getting under her skin.


Dusty: You’re my hero, Dr. Jeff!

Jeff: Anytime kid. So what can I do for ya?


Dusty: I need you to detect my baby’s gender.

Jeff: Well, it’s obviously a boy.

Dusty: Oh, not this one.


Siesta: Hi Jeffery.

Jeff: Oh, hi Siesta. How’s the midlife crisis doing?

Siesta: I dunno, might’a helped if you’d called me to follow up.

Jeff: What can I say? I’m in high demand.

Siesta: Whatever.


Siesta: So I have this weird itch out of NOWHERE to have mixed twins, y’know? Do you think you could point me in the right direction?


Jeff: I just want to say that sounds like a terrible idea. You and Dusty are already in your forties – don’t you have careers to get on with?

Siesta: The robots will raise them, duh.

Jeff: Well then.


Jeff: Like I said, it’s obviously a boy.

First time I’ve successfully used this feature, alright!


Siesta: Dudley, please note that I am eating three watermelons.

Dudley: Noted.

Siesta: How many am I eating?

Dudley: Watermelons.

Siesta: No, how many?

Dudley: Eight?

In case the whole raw chicken on the counter didn’t tip you off, Dudley’s got a lot on his plate already.


He’s the domestic hero this legacy needs, but not the one it deserves right now or at any point ever in a million years


And here’s Siesta, who hasn’t even given him the Sentience chip yet, dancing her way to multiple births so he can have even more on his plate.

Siesta: No silly, Dudley doesn’t eat children.

Not YET anyway. Do you wanna see him snap??


She even makes time to catch up with the fam at a full moon pool party.

Siesta: Jada? Why are you lurking in the bushes?

Jada: I have the biggest crush on the girl who lives here.

Siesta: YOU live here.

Jada: Oh right, haha.


Kipada are still going strong. However, I am deeply saddened terribly apologetic mildly reluctant okay who am I kidding, I am OVER THE STUPID GLOWY FULL MOON to announce that Trelilah have finally imploded.


And thank goodness it’s Delilah we inherited in the divorce!

Siri: So Trance is up for grabs, huh?



In fact, it may seem like fun and games and pink frilly bathing suits—

Zombie Crash: Ungghhhhh

—but Siesta is here for one very serious purpose.


Or should I say… Sirious?

Siesta: Open wide.

Siri: No! What are you doing?

Siesta: Something I should’ve done a long time ago. *removes Capacity to Love chip*



While I’m not looking, of course Dusty’s over here making Dudley feel like part of the family. D’awwww, you guys!! #dustley4ever

Dusty: See? You don’t need to change diapers ALL the time. There’s room for a little fun in there.

Dudley: Fun?


Dusty: You do need to change a diaper right now though.

Dudley: Fun………


But don’t worry, hard work pays off! It’s time for him to finally gain the Sentience he Siesta has always dreamed of.

Siesta: Haha, I just used this to ruin my first Plumbot’s life!

Dudley: Ouch?


Siesta: So how about it?


Look at this incredibly hi-tech fella!


Well, that was easy.

Siesta: That’s it? It’s really over??

I guess so.



But it’s just the beginning for Dudley.

Dudley: I’m…..

Siesta: Yes.

Dudley: I’m……..

Siesta: Take your time.

Dudley: I’m……!!!

Siesta: You got it.

Dudley: I’m……… trash??!?!?



Dudley: I’m trash!!!

Siesta: Not quite what we were going for but GREAT JOB BUDDY.

Willing to bet that Sentience chip was more than a little defective.


Pete uses Dudley’s existential epiphany as a window to steal his favourite child. Good going, Pete.

Pete: Mine.

Acara: DUDLEY!!!


Let’s see what kind of wacko mini human we get out of a toddler raised entirely by robots, shall we?


She’s so… bland? I mean, looking at her face literally makes me think of saltine crackers and water lol.

Acara: Wow, that’s so nice of you to say.

No but seriously, I don’t have a clue which side of the family she got any of her features from. The eye colour is Siesta’s, the hair colour is Standard Langurd (patent pending), and the freckles are my plea to make her uNiQuE in some way – but the rest? Mithrilen? O’Connell? Tub Monster? Secret genetic robot injections? I got nothing.

She develops Workaholic to join Excitable and Clumsy. Figures, she’s basically Dudley.


Look at you Pete, taking charge of all the birthdays!

Pete: Borthday.

You go, Pete.


Tonu is just the squishiest little squish. He’s also almost definitely a male Siesta clone in disguise as a Mini Dusty. In other words, an O’Connell in Mithrilen skin – his ancestors’ worst nightmare.


Good thing they’re all dying.


Little saltine-face quickly finds her way back to her favourite robot.

Acara: Congratulations on your Sentience, Dudley!

Dudley: I’m trash!

Acara: Don’t say that about yourself!

Dudley: I’m trash!!


Trash who’s still damn good at keeping the kids fed.

Ixi: High chair meals make for cuter kids, don’tcha know?

…Can we pretend she’s not a clone? LOOK AT HER.


High chair meals make cuter kids, they say.

Tonu: Me eat cwayon!

Well alright then.


Giving Riza a second appearance just to show I care. ❤ But hey, what’d you do to Pete?

Riza: I asked to draw him like one of my French girls. He said no.


Ummm YEAH because Pete has some SELF RESPECT. Jeez.


Anyway there’ll be no more frivolous painting, you’re done with that now.

Riza: But I’m an arti—


And in the writing world—she has finally found her niche in children’s fiction after dabbling in just about every genre. That’s right, disillusion them nice and early.


Dusty is moving right along as well.

Dusty: Yeah ‘cause I’m on a treadmill.

No shit. But also professionally.


Do you hear that? One of the finest athletes in the neighbourhood! Dusty should take a jog around the town to show everyone!

Dusty: Uh yeah okay just gimme a sec.



What’s going on, man?

Dusty: Uh, nothing. Definitely not screaming into a soundproof glass chamber.

It’s not soundproof.

Dusty: Oh, you got me.


Yeah, he hardcore hates his job.


Dusty wants out. The game wants him out, repeatedly. Wouldn’t it make sense to take the hint and let him just be happy at home with the kids?

Haha nope. Level 6 is waaaayyy too late to back out.


I do, however, have to wonder what kind of bet this Level 6 soldier lost that he has to drive a stroller home from work.



Siesta: Some particles went boom. No big deal.

How can you be so sure??

Siesta: Relax, they were only a liiiiiiiittle radioactive.


Siesta: Can I eat now?


I knew those ten skill points were a lie.


Siesta: It’s so nice to finally sit down and enjoy one of Dudley’s meals.

Haha wouldn’t it be funny if—


Siesta: You had to do it. You HAD to put it in the universe.

I’m sorry!


Acara: You’re so pretty, Mommy.



Pete: Master!

Siesta: Come on, Pete. I have a feeling I’m gonna need some help.


Pete: Halp?

Though luck dude, she got this.

Let’s all welcome the Basket that Was Prophesized Many Moons Ago—but after all this time, what will we find inside?


First comes a little green boy named Kau. Kau is Brave and Outdoorsy, loves Chinese music, ceviche, and spice brown, and is a Virgo as well as the tiniest hipster known to mankind.


Next comes little blue Kiko, an Evil, Friendly Scorpio who loves French music, Stu Surprise, and Irish Green.


You might think this is still Kiko, but think again! Folks, we have the first triplets of the legacy.

This is Kougra. She’s a Grumpy Loner and a Leo who likes R&B, French Toast, and seafoam.


Siesta: Welp, time to put the basket away. Where does it go again?

Idk, thin air?


Siesta: Oooh you know what, I bet it’d make a nice basket for harvesting my—


Siesta: Oh hello there, who are you?


Cue the ULTIMATE confusion and a space of about ten minutes during which I was fully convinced my game had stolen Dudley’s Sentience chip OR I had stumbled upon an ultra-rare glitch.

Lolnope. As many of you probably surmised, there is a setting in NRaas Woohooer that allows for a chance of quadruplets. Now, I don’t know if I usually disable this and happened to NOT do that after my most recent mass mod update, or if I turned it on for a separate save file, or if I never disabled it in the first place and just assumed the odds were too slim to worry.

Long story short—if we were straddling the fence before with the rules, we’ve well and truly fallen off of it into a yard full of vicious cowplants.


Siesta: So you want me to get rid of this… this… this little lobster?

I mean… we couldn’t possibly, right? :/

Siesta: Quick, get everyone attached so it’s too late!

Ooooh good idea. Guys this is Kyrii! She’s a Clumsy Genius Virgo (hey, she made the effort to match at least one of her wombmates) who enjoys island vibes, lobster thermidor, and orange (how perfect??). I mean seriously, can we really throw away a GENIUS? In this legacy??!


Screw it. I will deal with the consequences. We’ll call it the Dysfunkshinul Non-Legacy if that’s what it takes. Please say we can keep them. D:


Ultimately though, this windfall of babies stands to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Acara: Great, I guess I’m getting a job tomorrow.

But just wait…


…‘til you see how many living beings Siesta is technically responsible for!


Yeah girl, me too.


And that’s a wrap on SimNano! With five births, a new plumbot, a completed LTW, three birthdays, and a party, this seems like a fine note to leave on and not update for four months. 😀 (Just kidding, though there will probably a sliiiiiightly longer wait due to my summer break not being a break at all.)

Soooooooo who called the quads, huh? 😛

We’re in for a time from hereon out. And one hell of an heir poll. XD

Good thing we probably have a year and a half before I can play again! (This is actually kind of depressing and not at all set in stone, for the record.)

Happy Simming!



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  1. Holy shit, of all the heirs to end up with quads…jeez Siesta. At least she’s got the robots. Wonder where the lil lobster baby got it from.

    I can’t wait to see them all grow up. What fun chaos this will be.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh man, so many funnies! I’m so in awe of how Dustiesta just completely ignore their spawn… while producing more. And yet, as the robot queen, it does make a poetic kind of sense.

    One question – wasn’t the very FIRST pregnancy of this legacy triplets? Razor, Ripper and Rotter (coz I checked the generation page, not coz I remembered all of them, lol). Guess Siesta took you literally when you said you wanted a first – thus the quads? It does not surprise me in the least that she of the bot building fame was able to mess with the 0.01% chance for quads. I also think you’re insane for naming them all with the same first letter – that is going to get confusing super fast.

    Seems like Acara got hit with the ‘child pudding face’ syndrome. Hopefully, she’ll grow into her features. Not that it matters – we know that readers are suckers for pointy ears and/or coloured skin, so she doesn’t have much of a chance in the heir poll. Thus face I like Ms Yellow Ixi, but we’ll see if any of the quads grow up to be non-faceclones.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bahahahaha… yes. Yes, it was, and I wish I could say that error was part of the surprise reveal, but I genuinely forgot for a second that they weren’t separate pregnancies. XD I kept thinking Star and Keg were the only multiples of that gen but NOPE actually all three of the founding gen’s pregnancies resulted in multiples. I guess it has been eight years but yikes I really ought to know my own legacy better, huh? 😛

      I feel slightly less guilty knowing the odds were THAT low – she and Dusty did both have Fertility Treatment, and we didn’t turn off the kids’ station for her whole pregnancy, but still. OF ALL THE LOTTERIES TO WIN. I thought I was being cute with the matching K names but you’re so right. Maybe I should take bets on when I’ll make the first mix-up…

      You’re ALSO very right about Acara – I saw her as a write-off at the sight of black hair. It’s gonna take a heck of a personality to save her at this point. Ixi’s like… just different enough from Siesta that I don’t hate her. But yeah, I’m really excited for you guys to see the quads grow up!

      Liked by 1 person

      • The matching names are very cute, but dangerous. I’m finding it difficult enough with twins in my Name Game – when they HAVE to have the same letter. Actually, I’m just mixing up anyone who has the same hair colour; God forbid I individualise this plethora of kids.

        I’m so excited to see you posting fairly frequently again. Hopefully this continues!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. SO MANY BLUE BABIES. I am happy. And the red is an awesome…. mutation? WTF.

    This is totally the last post. The LAST. That means I don’t get to click one more link to see what these crazy quads look like.

    I’m not entirely sure anyone has finished a Pinstar Legacy without bending the rules. Let’s say… Plumbobs don’t count! Does that get you to a low enough household number? No? Well, I tried.

    I admit I’m ready for an heir without that alien skin, so pickings are good this generation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow, I think I just processed…. this isn’t just me caught up on your blog. This is you caught up on your game, isn’t it?

      Um. Wellll….. I suppose this gives me a chance to finish before you?

      I was going to say now is a great time to not come back to the States, but you’re Canadian, and Canada has its shit together about an order of magnitude more than the US. OK, maybe now is a good time to not go back to a country that borders on the US? We could seriously blow up the entire continent or just turn it into a reenactment of The Stand. I’ll change the subject now before I burst into tears.

      SOB I want to see the babies’s faces! (OK, changing the subject didn’t work.)

      Liked by 1 person

    • It HAS to be a mutation. I’ve puzzled through it so much and I can’t see where else she got it from.

      Well hey, at least it’s not the last post anymore! (Err, nearly a year later.) I hope the crazy quads (whom I’ve been affectionately referring to as The Quad Squad) do not disappoint.

      Yeah, that’s probably true. Having reread some of my earlier posts now while responding to comments, I’ve realized just how many places I bent, twisted, and kicked the rules in the face without even realizing it. And tbh vanilla legacy play is pretty dull, so I’ve happily accepted my crimes by this point.

      Pickings are better than ever! I’m definitely VERY curious to see the outcome of this heir poll.


      • I think you’ve discovered this by now, but I’m actually veeeeeeeery far from caught up to my gameplay. XD Which is a good thing! But you still have eeeeevery opportunity to finish before me. Have you overtaken me yet?

        Dude, I love to make fun of the US because of how much they do it to Canada, but I spent 80% of 2020 just feeling so sad for the whole country. But yes – Canada had it together a little more together than the US, and Korea had it a lot more together than Canada, so I feel pretty confident I made the right call. Mostly because Canada instituted a bajillion-dollar hotel quarantine for all travelers (including returning Canadians) which would’ve cost me everything I’ve put away since I’ve been here. That said, the tables seemed to have turned now that North America is doing so great with vaccinations.

        Anyway, I hope you’ve seen the babies faces by now! I’m so close to posting their teen birthday and let me just tell you, it’s gonna be a time. The genetics went wild this generation.


  4. I just now got that they’re named after Neopets. Langurds might be affecting my IQ. And yes you can keep them. Happened to me twice and I have yet to learn to turn off that setting >.<


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